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Kathy Griffin is set to sit on Joan Rivers‘ old throne as the HBIC on Fashion Police.

After Joan’s sudden passing in September of last year, many people wondered who would replace the outspoken star on the E! hit show.

The announcement that Griffin would replace Rivers took place late last year, and since then, everyone has been anticipating the popular show’s new host. Griffin revealed to The LA Times:

“I was very relieved when the heads of E! said, ‘We want you to say what we’re afraid to say, and then, if you can be worse, that’s even better.’ “I said, ‘Worse? That’s my specialty!'”

Although the comedian has deemed herself a D-Lister, she in fact is a style maven in her own right.

Check out these 15 stylish photos of Kathy Griffin. Fashion Police returns tonight on E!


15 Stylish Shots Of Kathy Griffin (PHOTOS)
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