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Kim Kardashian just keeps on winning and winning.

The 33-year-old reality starlet has been making her own fashion dreams come true over the years, and she was excited to share that she landed the cover of Vogue Australia for their February issue.

After showing off her cover photo this weekend, Kim has released two new pictures from the spread, featuring her in black and white, sporting a black bathing suit, and another one of her in a white one-piece suit.

Taking a dip in the water in the first photo, Kim somberly looks at her reflection as she catches some bright sun rays from behind her, while she runs along the gorgeous beaches in the second one.

Kim also revealed that she went near au naturale for the whole shoot, captioning one of the photos:

I love this shot from my @VogueAustralia shoot. We did hardly any make up or hair, I love this simple natural shoot

Meanwhile, snippets of her interview with the mag have just been released, and just as the world is in love with talking about Kim, she discusses being in love with her hubby Kanye West.

She said of their relationship:

“He always has been such a good support throughout my life.,” she tells the mag. “I think we met 10 years ago and at different points we connected and got closer. We were always communicating, even if we were on different paths in our lives. We could always fill each other in on what was going on and always support each other. I think that created a good foundation for our relationship.”

“We are absolute best friends; we know every last thing about each other,” adds Kim. “We know our goals are to make each other’s lives really happy, and I think we know how to do that. We have good communication, and I think that’s so important in a relationship, and we have so much fun together. We laugh together.”

Sounds like a match made in Hollywood heaven. Bask in Kim’s beauty above in the additional photos from her Vogue Australia spread.

SOURCE: Vogue Australia | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Vogue Australia