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Did they or didn’t they?

In the wake of all the Golden Globes frenzy, rumor has it that Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna had an epic make-out session while attending an awards show pre-party at the Playboy Mansion. (50 Cent and Naomi Campbell were also there:)

According to Us Weekly, one party attendee was in awe as she saw all the action go down:

According to at least one partygoer, the newly single Wolf of Wall Street actor and “Diamonds” singer were really enjoying one another’s company. “Just saw Leo and Rihanna makeout while ‘pour it up’ was playing. What is this life,” one attendee tweeted. Following the juicy tweet, TMZ then reported the two were indeed spotted “swapping spit.”

However, despite the reports confirming that these two beautiful people kissed, another source tells Us it didn’t happen:

Despite the reports, however, sources tell Us that the makeout sesh didn’t go down. “Nikki met Rihanna in St. Bart’s and invited her separately but she definitely did not makeout with Leo and nothing went on,” a separate source tells Us.

Another insider maintains they didn’t witness a Leo-RiRi smooch either, just “a little innocent flirting at most…They’re friends,” the second source said of the superstars. “It was a big group hanging out and dancing.”

RiRi and Leo are a couple we never knew we wanted to see happen – until now.

SOURCE: Us Weekly | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram