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That awkward moment when you don’t recognize the daughter of the Leader of the Free World wearing your t-shirt.

While the White House continues to question how a selfie of Malia Obama surfaced on the World Wide Web, there’s at least one person who definitely does not have the answers: Joey Bada$$.

As the picture of President Obama’s oldest repping Pro Era—the Brooklyn rapper’s crew—made its rounds on social media, Bada$$ admitted to having no idea who she was during an interview on Bloomberg TV:

“I was in Australia and I pretty much woke up one morning and I looked at my phone and I seen a bunch of my friends posting a picture of this girl in this Pro Era shirt…I’m like, ‘What is so special about this?'” he said.

Oop. Watch the clip in the video down below.

VIDEO CREDIT: Bloomberg | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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