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Chris has reacted to the news of his probation being revoked, as he sent out a tweet:

After his determination to try and turn things around since he was released from prison last June, Chris Brown looks to be in some rough waters once again.

The “Loyal” singer attended a probation report earlier today over the Rihanna case, where he had his probation revoked for multiple reasons, with one of them being caused by the night club shooting during his performance in San Jose this weekend.

According to TMZ, officials are worried that Chris’ future appearances could cause more shootings, as another one of his performances from August also resulted in a shooting, where Suge Knight was hit with a bullet.

The site reports:

The judge also said the probation report expressed concern over another shooting at 1OAK during VMA weekend last August. Again, Chris was on stage and several people were shot, including Suge Knight.

And the judge said Chris left the county for San Jose without getting the court’s permission, which is a violation of his probation.

As for why the shootings are an issue, they were raised in the probation report. The judge noted so far there’s no evidence Chris was criminally involved, but the probation officer says, “There is also concern that when he performs or attends at some of his public events, people will get shot or seriously injured.”

Along with both of his arrests in the past for throwing a rock at his mother’s car window while in rehab, as well as an assault case in Washington D.C., the judge believes that Chris is focusing too much of his time on his career, as opposed to his community service.

Breezy is set for a hearing on March 20th, where he could face some troubles if he is determined to have “willfully” violated his probation. This could very well mean more prison time for Chris.


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