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It’s been a roller coaster weekend for the New England Patriots after their big win last night at the AFC Championship, but it was even more intense for Vince Wilfork, defensive tackle of the team.

The NFL star left the game Sunday evening at Gillette Stadium, when he came across a motorist who was trapped inside of an overturned vehicle near the Massachusetts venue.

According to reports, a 38-year-old woman, named Mary Ellen Brooks, was stuck in the vehicle, when Wilfork reached one of his arms inside, and pulled her out of it. He made sure to stay with her until the police arrived, where it was discovered that she was intoxicated.

He told reporters after the incident:

“It was something we saw and we knew she needed help, so we helped,” Wilfork told reporters Monday. “The good thing is that we got her to safety.”

The first thing I told her was ‘don’t panic.’  My job was to help the person in the car.”

Brooks was charged with drunk driving after the incident. We’re glad that her and Vince are safe.


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