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Nas has spent 20 years in the game and aside from his monumental success, platinum albums, and icon status, not much has changed in that he’s still fighting for the voiceless.

As part of GQ Magazine’s “The Legacy Project” in their February issue, Nas chatted it up with the mag about race issues in America – and he had some strong viewpoints on the Eric Garner case in particular.

 “I’m looking at what’s happening to the world, and I’m waiting for people to stop being scared. Mainly whites in power and in government, to not be scared of the race issue. Not be scared to say, ‘This is wrong, and this has to change.’ Not be scared to do what’s right. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised cops are still murdering people. But I am surprised that the law enforcement did not do the correct thing with illegal chokeholds. A chokehold because of a man stating his piece—telling them he didn’t do anything. An illegal chokehold! It’s embarrassing to New York, and it’s embarrassing to the country,” he said.

The Illmatic rapper also brought attention to the fact that cases such as Eric Garner’s are not a new epidemic.

“On ‘Halftime,’ I said: ‘Go to hell to the foul cop who shot Garcia.’ There was a guy named Garcia in Washington Heights who was killed. On my first album, I’m talking about the same thing! And we’re still talking about it now.”

While Nas has already solidified his spot at the top, Future is still working his way up. He also sat down with GQ to discuss his long-term goals in the game.

“I want people to say he evolved throughout his whole career, I wanna be able to have the most number one records ever. The most top ten records ever.”

And these aren’t blind ambitions. The “Move That Dope” star has already mapped out a plan to get there:

“Continue to go in the studio and work. Make people move their heads. Me spending every moment in the studio is going to create a life for me that I haven’t experienced yet thus far in my career. I just want to be prepared for every step of the way, every obstacle that come, I face it and get over. I want to be prepared for success at its most high level. I want to be prepared when the time is right for me to get a Grammy.”

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