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Lou Williams is living the American dream. Well, at least from the male perspective.

The Toronto Raptors baller made headlines when a fan sent a tip to Baller Alert informing them of Lou’s “sister-wife” situation. The NBA baller’s been with his longtime girlfriend Ashley Henderson (@Thee_AshDash), with whom he has two adorable daughters, for years.

But apparently, the NBA couple like to keep their relationship spicy by adding another woman to their family – Rece Mitchell (Rece_Gorgeous). Rece, who appears to be an urban model, is Lou and Ashley’s girlfriend. She also has an equally as hot twin sister named Daria.

It’s still unclear how Lou introduced his longtime girlfriend to the sister-wife life, but it’s working out for them very well. Not only do they party, hang out, and do adult activities, but they also spend Christmas together as a family.

During the holidays, Ashley posted a picture of the three at Lou’s annual #LouWillVille Christmas party.

We may not understand Lou’s sister wives situation, but we like it. We like it a lot.

Here are 33 pictures of Ashley and Rece.


33 Pictures Of NBA Baller Lou Williams’ Two Girlfriends (PHOTOS)
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