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Just because we haven’t found the fountain of youth yet, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. But we think Iman must know something about its whereabouts, because just look at her.

This July, the Somalian supermodel turns—wait for it—60 years old, and yet she somehow still looks as good as she did 40 years ago when she arrived to America after being discovered by photographer Peter Beard.

And today, Iman added something new to her portfolio by becoming a regular contributor to Yahoo Style. She’ll be penning a column titled “Ageless Chic,” based on her own blog, in which she offers up all of her secrets for preserving her beauty and style.

Before you witness how Iman has gotten another year older and another year more stunning in the gallery below, get a taste of some of her tips in the video up top.


23 Pictures Of Ageless Beauty Iman Throughout The Years (PHOTOS)
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