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Beyonce and Jay-Z were courtside as the Los Angeles Clippers took on the Brooklyn Nets at the Staples Center last night and there were a lot of laughs to go around.

For starters Jay Z and Beyonce always have lots of laughs at the basketball game, even when Bey isn’t trying to glance at Hov’s phone. But on this night, they were entertained by Blake Griffin slam dunking an equipment guy’s head into his crotch!

That wasn’t nice!

In other Beyonce news, an Etsy shop owner received a cease and desist letter from the R&B diva for using her name. Sorta.

TMZ reports:

Etsy — a craft website that’s a cross between eBay and Pintrest — was hawking Feyonce mugs. They became a thing … when someone got engaged lots of people went to the website and bought the happy couple mugs to celebrate the occasion.

The singer felt the pun was more than coincidental — right down to the accent on the last “e” — so her lawyers fired off a letter to the company crying foul … and then threatening them.

As of now, only the mugs were taken down and not the rest of the items which include clothing and other glassware. Well we know Beyonce is serious about her brand, and her name is a compliment. Thank you.


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