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Streetwear—To some, it’s another clothing genre. But to others, it’s a lifestyle. Often mislabeled as nothing more than an “urban” way of dressing, ask anyone who lives it and you’ll find out that it’s much, much more.

We did just that at Agenda NYC, where potential buyers and enthusiasts alike milled around the Javitz Center, which hosted the over two hundred brands that brought a preview of their upcoming collections to the two-day trade show. Artist Ron BassMiss Lawn of Hellz Bellz, influencer-slash-tastemaker 40oz Van, and several others stopped to give us their own personal perceptions of what streetwear really is.

Though their answers varied, one thing was clear: streetwear encompasses a common thread of community that’s bound by influences of music and what’s happening in culture. See what everyone had to say in the video up top.

And if you missed it, see our recap of Agenda here.


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