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Streetwear might seem like it’s a man’s world, but don’t think for even a second that it isn’t inhabited by quite a few girl bosses who are taking charge, one stitch at a time. Lanie Alabanza, also known as Miss Lawn and the HBIC of Hellz Bellz, is one of them.

Seems like a lot of pressure for the founder and creative director of the women’s brand, doesn’t it? Not for Lanie. Especially when the industry—the men and her fellow female counterparts—is as embracing as it is. Rather, said pressure is more self-imposed than anything, as she pushes herself to create, create, create new ideas and designs.

Whisking herself away from her native California’s warm weather, Miss Lawn (whose personal style is mirrored in that of her brand: equal parts tomboy and sexy) attended Agenda NYC last week, where we chatted with her about what it’s like being a woman in streetwear, her inspirations, and her upcoming collections for this year.

See what she has to say in the video up top.


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