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Every person of color needs a rich white friend.

Cali collective OverDoz. drop their latest visual “Rich White Friends,” because a rich white friend is obviously what the world needs.

The Calmatic-directed music video takes a different, yet colorful approach to address the racial tension in America today.

In an email exchange with Complex, OverDoz. explained the concept behind their video:

“The concept for the song came from an experience during last year’s Coachella Music Festival. We were invited to the festival by some of our white homies. During the weekend, we stayed at their mansion and just witnessed all the crazy shit they were doing. At one point, we even heard one of them yell out ‘n*gga’ when a Kendrick Lamar song came on. Ultimately, ‘Rich White Friends’ is just our view of what’s going on in the world today, everyone’s story is different, this is ours.”

The visual ends on a more serious note with OverDoz. eventually getting arrested and a message that reads, “we laugh to keep from crying.”

Watch OverDoz.’s new video up top.

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