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This Sunday, there will be two types of people: those who go to Super Bowl parties because they’re actually into the teams playing, and those who go to Super Bowl parties because pizza. Chicken wings. Seven-layer dip. (Can you tell which type we are?)

This is one of the few days of the year when pigging all the way out is one hundred percent socially acceptable, but even if you are excited to root for your team, it doesn’t mean you have to look like one of the players out on the field. If we’re being perfectly honest here, football jerseys are a fashion fumble.

No one ever said sports and style are not mutually exclusive, and even the greasiest of foods are reason enough to step out in game-day style. The key on Super Bowl Sunday, though, is to combine cute and comfy by wearing looser-fitting clothing like an oversized dress or boyfriend jeans to disguise all the beer you’ll be chugging.

So, will you be pledging your allegiance to the Patriots or going green (and silver and blue) with the Seahawks? Shop any of the pieces you see up top down below.

Boutique dress / Seattle Seahawks sweater / Uniqlo oxford shirt / Marni coat / Rag & bone jeans / Steve Madden shoes / Converse high tops / Marc By Marc Jacobs / Bauble Bar necklace / Beanie

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