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So, how about that Katy Perry concert, eh?

In the middle of her Prism tour, the popalicious singer made a pit stop in Arizona to perform all of her infectious hits in an arena of about 65,000 people and on the television sets of millions, with the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots hitting the field to open her show.

Although the Super Bowl ended with an upset for one of those teams, it was Katy who was victorious in executing her biggest performance to date, while making four flawless costume changes—all of which were designed by Jeremy Scott—in 12 and a half minutes, no less.

The “Teenage Dream” made a roaring entrance on the back of a tiger—granted, it was mechanical, but still—and boy, was she on fire. Inspired by one of Scott’s Adidas sneakers, her top and skirt set was engulfed in flames while guest Lenny Kravitz rocked out in Saint Laurent.

After that, Katy was California dreaming in a beach-ball inspired bustier and matching skirt that was cute and whatnot, but let’s be real: those sharks really stole the show.

That was until Missy Elliott made her way to the stage, of course – aka the highlight of the whole night. For the occasion, Katy was Missy’s hype man in a custom jersey-jacket-dress combo with the number 49 on the front and her last name on the back.

Finally, she didn’t shut the lights out in the stadium, but she did ignite the night and shoot across the Glendale sky in a Moschino dress adorned with silver stars.

Katycats and football fans became one, even if just for a short time, last night, including one ex-boyfriend named John Mayer. Perhaps her illuminating performance encouraged the old flames to rekindle??

Regardless, consider Katy #winning. Even more so with a brand spankin’ new Cover Girl commercial, which debuted last night as well.


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