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The Super Bowl might have been disappointing for Seattle fans, but hey, cheer up, because it’s almost time for one last ride. The latest trailer for Furious 7 aired last night, and it looks like this might be the best one yet.

In the sneak peek, you can see glimpses of the late Paul Walker, and a car flying across skyscrapers in Dubai. Seriously. Watch above.

David Oyelowo is brushing the dirt off his shoulders after being snubbed by the Academy for his portrayal of Martin Luther King Jr. in the movie Selma. And he’s hitting back very hard. David points out:

Black performers have been singled out for awards “more for when we are subservient, when we are not being leaders or kings or being at the center of our own narrative.”

David expands on his thought, saying Denzel Washington should have won his Oscar for Malcolm X, rather than Training Day:

“So this bears out what I’m saying which is we’ve just got to come to the point whereby there isn’t a self-fulfilling prophecy — a notion of who black people are — that feeds into what we are celebrated as, not just in the Academy, but in life generally. We have been slaves, we have been domestic servants, we have been criminals, we have been all of those things. But we have been leaders, we have been kings, we have been those who changed the world.”

Read the full article on The Hollywood Reporter.

Netflix just announced a plan to make sure they continue bringing us great original content like House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, Marco Polo, and more, by investing a billion dollars in debt.

“Over the next few years we expect to continue financing our original content expansion with long-term debt,” Hastings and Wells wrote in the letter. “As long as the maturities are spread out, and the interest cost is built into our content budgets, we think long-term debt is the best way for Netflix to finance the production of content.”

Finally, this new Divergent Series: Insurgent poster has us counting down the days until February 25th.

SOURCE: THR, Variety, Us Weekly | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Summit Entertainment

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