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Anyone down for a game of ‘How Will Kim Kardashian Attempt to #BreaktheInternet Today?’ Hint: She sticks to what she knows. Which is disrobing.

One week before her much-buzzed-about LOVE magazine cover, which will read more like a complete Kim K. takeover, the World Wide Web is being inundated with even more photos of her from inside the issue, leaving us to wonder what exactly will be left a surprise once it hits newsstands February 9. The answer, though, is nothing – of course.

ELLE magazine got their hands on the latest flicks of Mrs. West’s fashion editorial, and it’s as sexy as we’d expect. In one picture, she lounges poolside in a Prada playsuit with a pool raft and other inflatables. Like a blow-up doll.

In another, she stretches out on a bed in a dark hotel room, as we the readers look on voyeuristically through the lens of photographer Steve Klein. Another one is all about Kim’s legs, mainly because she’s completely covered up otherwise underneath a Prada coat.

Finally, there’s a fourth image making its rounds on the ‘net of Kim taking a drag from a cig with her bare bottom out. Surprise, surprise.


31 Pics Of Kim Kardashian Killing It In Jeans
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