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Funny-faced Instagram selfies with even funnier captions aside, Gabrielle Union does not play around when it comes to a lot of things – like her career, protecting her empire, and her husband Dwyane Wade.

But Wednesday night, the Being Mary Jane actress stepped out to the Late Show with Seth Meyers and reminded us to add fashion to that list.

Gabby put her most stylish foot forward in a white pair of $595 Alejandro Inglemo pumps, and a $1,285 Suno midi-dress with a gradient crinkle effect. To fight the New York City chill, she topped off her look with a Michael Kors coat while holding an Hermes bag that matched the color of her plum lipstick.

On the show, Gabrielle stood by her man and defended him against naysayers like Charles Barkley, who said that he didn’t deserve to play in the upcoming NBA All-Star game.

“He’s like the guy that insists on coming to book club but didn’t read the book, but wants to dominate the conversation,” she said. “And you’re like, ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about. Stop talking!”

But it was all in jest—see what else Gabby had to say about that and one of D-Wade’s favorite television shows (spoiler alert: it’s Scandal!) in the video below.


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