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This is kind of… weird.

Khloe Kardashian has an insanely close relationship to her sisters and brother – we’ve all seen the Keeping Up With The Kardashian stars reference one another’s genitals, and more.

With that said, Koko’s funny and awkward relationship with Scott Disick (who is sort of like her brother) shouldn’t really come as a huge surprise. But the duo’s most recent selfie has a lot of Instagram followers up in arms.

In the photo above, Scott peers into the camera and appears to only be covered by a towel, though he could very well (and probably does) have clothes on underneath.

But add this to the photos of Khloe and Scott holding hands around town, taking a bath together, and Koko’s most recent declaration that she had Scott first, and their friendship has understandably raised some eyebrows.

Check out the photo above. Is this too sexy a selfie for (almost) in-laws?

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram 

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