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Gabrielle Union has been notable in her role as Mary Jane on BET. Her character is super successful, but despite all that, she still has a dysfunctional personal life.

As it turns out, Gabby got the courage to take on the role from none other than Whitney Houston. In a recent interview, the Being Mary Jane star opened up about how Whitney’s passing gave her a bit more perspective on her work, stating:

“It just kind of made everyone say, `What do you want your legacy to be?'” Union said in a recent interview. “And I really doubled down on `I only want to do things that I care about, that mean something.'”

Gabby also recalls the meeting where she and producers learned the legendary singer had passed away:

“They had just done ‘Sparkle’ with her. … and there were so many people in that room and we were having this great conversation about basically my career going this great direction with this great character. … and you see this other light just literally go out and you see … everyone’s looking at their phones, you hear people gasp and run out of the room, and it was one of those really life-affirming and life-questioning times.”

Finding the silver lining, Dwyane Wade’s better half admits that she was attracted to Mary Jane Paul because the character is so flawed:

“I don’t want to play perfect characters that are wholesome role models and everything to everyone and have all the right answers and who can get out of a terrorist cell with their bra,” she laughed.

The actress also revealed this is the happiest she has ever been with her work:

“Within one scene I could be, you know, showing a bunch of different colors, and I’ve never been challenged like this. I’ve never been this gratified with my work,” she said. “Ever.”

Congrats to Gabby on all her success.

It’s official; Robert Griffin III is going to be a father. The Washington Washington Football Team quarterback posted a pic of his wife Rebecca’s pregnant belly and shared the good news with us. Despite rumors that all may not be well in RG3’s home, the baller, who celebrates his 25th birthday today, seemed blissfully in love, while his wifey’s huge diamond was on full display.

Congrats to the couple.

Today’s dose of uber-cuteness comes courtesy of Little Ballers, a new Nickelodeon USA sports documentary.

The doc centers around “a group of 11-year-old basketball players in New York City’s Amateur Athletic Union, an inner-city springboard for potential NBA talent.” The mini-ballers are captured as they work hard at their craft and speak about how playing ball will help them secure better futures. Tyson Chandler, Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, and other professional basketball players also make cameos to speak on the importance of the AAU.

Yet another Hot Tub Time Machine 2 trailer has been released and once again, the movie looks like it is not going to disappoint.

This time we see “music sensation” Nick Weeber, played by the hilarious Craig Robinson, partake in a game show in which he has to do whatever the audience requests of him. Things get a little sticky when the challenge chosen goes beyond Nick’s realm of expertise.

Watch the trailer above.

SOURCE: Associated Press, TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Twitter

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