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Rick Ross and Meek Mill may have been involved in a brawl last night, according to new reports that claim a group of guys picked a fight with the rappers at a club.

TMZ reports:

A brawl erupted between a group of guys who picked a fight with Rick Ross and Meek Mill at a club Friday night …  so claim eyewitnesses who say the rappers got physical during the “All Star” weekend scuffle.

The eyewitnesses say the guys who picked the fight seemed to object to Ross and Mill being on their turf at NYC’s Liberty Theatre.

We’re told Meek threw a few punches and Rick seemed to confine his activity to pushing.  On the other hand, we’re told Rick’s bodyguards took care of business.

OKC Thunder’s Dion Waiters was alson in attendance. Check out the video here, and we’ll keep you updated as more details surface.