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A 3-year-old child dialed 911 saying that his mother wouldn’t wake up, which helped police find the mother, child, and three men in a motel room with illegal drugs. The mother was arrested on charges of child neglect and drug paraphernalia. [Sun Herald]

An African-American man recorded his white neighbor pulling a gun on him. The neighbor assumed the man was a drug dealer after he parked on his street. Authorities came to diffuse the situation. [Daily Mail]

A witness claims a police chase went too far when he saw an officer shoot at an unarmed suspect. When asked about the incident, the police officer realized he never reported the scenario to his supervisors. The officer is being backed up by his chief, even though he was wearing a body camera but did not turn it on. [KMOV St. Louis]

A Republican Senator from New York state introduced a bill earlier this week, establishing a “New York State Terrorist Registry.” The bill would require all New York felons to register their addresses, as well as submit DNA samples and annual pictures. [Gawker]

Former president Bill Clinton apologized to Mexico during a speech, stating that the U.S’ “War on Drugs” has been responsible for fueling violence. Check out his speech here -> [Daily Mail]


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