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Nick Gordon hasn’t stopped loving Bobbi Kristina, and he got a tattoo tribute to her on his arm to prove it.

The man who is the focus of a criminal investigation into the accident that left Bobbi Kristina in a medically-induced coma since Jan. 31st, got her name tatted up and down the length of his forearm.

Nick has been banned from seeing his alleged wife Bobbi Kristina while she’s been in the hospital in Atlanta, but it seems he’s finding ways to honor BK anyway.

According to The NY Daily News, the longer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter stays in a coma, the further her chances of survival diminish.

According to Lenox Hill Hospital neurosurgery professor Dr. John Boockvar:

Brown’s immobile state could also lead to pneumonia, blood clots in the limbs and also bladder infections, since she isn’t urinating on her own.

“When these things start happening, the body starts going into multi-organ system failure, and that’s a real problem,” Boockvar said.

The prognosis remains grim.

“By this time, we should be seeing improvement,” he told the Daily News. “There should be some glimmer of hope and we haven’t gotten it.”

The family still remains hopeful they’ll receive a miracle. Prayers up for Bobbi.

SOURCE: NY Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Facebook

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