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Adrian Grenier wants you to send him into the deep blue sea to find The Loneliest Whale.

The Entourage star is on a mission, and he needs our help to fund an expedition in search of the 52 Hertz Whale (“52”), also known as the Lonely Whale, which scientists believe has spent its entire life in solitude calling out at a frequency that no other whale can understand.

Adrian stopped by the No Judgment Zone to discuss his new passion project and give us a little bit of information on the upcoming Entourage movie.

According to Adrian, there are a lot of guest stars and cameos in the film – watch the interview above to find out more. After that, Vinny Chase and I play a quick game of Cards Against Humanity.

Later, Adrian talks about why his new voyage is important.

You should help fund Adrian’s Lonely Whale expedition, because ocean noise pollution is fast becoming one of the most harmful threats to marine mammals worldwide, especially whales.

Click here to learn more about The Search for the Loneliest Whale.

PHOTO CREDIT: MochaPoca Photography/BlogXilla