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After many cops were reportedly falling asleep during retraining, the NYPD has instilled a cult classic to show them how to be nice. A scene from the ’80s hit Road House starring the late Patrick Swayze has been shown to officers during the three-day retraining course. The clip centers on Swayze’s character telling his bouncers to not take things personally when being confronted by angry bar patrons. Some cops aren’t fans of the clip, claiming they can’t use the advice because it isn’t realistic. [New York Post

Jamaica has made a landmark decision by decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana on Tuesday. The island’s parliament passed the law that states up to two ounces of marijuana as a petty offense. The offense will result in a ticket, but not appear in a criminal record. People are also allowed to have a total of five plants on any premises. The law is a victory for people who use ganja for medical purposes and Rastafarians who use it spiritually in their religion. [AP

Despite the startling cases of herpes affecting babies from the Jewish practice known as Metzitzah B’Peh, Mayor de Blasio has lifted the consent form requirement. The practice, which involves a rabbi sucking the blood from a babies’ circumcised penis, drew criticism from many after 16 children were diagnosed with herpes between 2000 and 2014. In exchange for the ban lift, de Blasio says if a child is diagnosed with HSV-1, the mohel who performed the ritual will be tested. If found positive, he will be banned from performing the ritual for life. [Gawker

Avalanches in northeastern Afghanistan have taken the lives of 124 people, leaving the victims’ families to hopelessly dig through mountains of snow and ice to find them. The Panjshir was the worst hit area, getting up to three feet of snow and destroying over 100 homes. Gen. Abdul Aziz Ghirat, the provincial police chief of the town, says the death toll is expected to rise when the search parties continue digging for the missing during sunrise on Thursday. [AP