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Fergenstein’s walk is doper than Cara Delevingne’s.

As promised, Harlem rapper A$AP Ferg releases his Cara Delevingne-assisted music video. The idea initially came to the “Doe-active” rapper when he and the UK model had a “walk-off” via Instagram a few months back.

Unfortunately, Ferg couldn’t hit the runway with Cara by his side, but the “Talk It” artist came up with the great idea to shoot the entire music video during NYFW via an iPhone. got the chance to follow around Ferg and his creative director Harry Bernstein as they began filming the video during NYFW.

“When I spoke to Ferg about the concept for ‘Dope Walk,’ we thought shooting the video entirely on his iPhone would make it feel more authentic. It also allowed for more access. We didn’t have to stick a camera in anyone’s face, and we could sit in the front rows or backstage at the Kanye show. We don’t want this to be seen as another music video. We really tried to do something authentic and real, and tried to capture the experience while having this dialogue via social media, and utilize our relationship with social media and our cell phones to capture that experience.”

The video features cameos by Beyonce, Diddy, Rihanna, Kanye West, and a walk-off via sister trio HAIM. It’s pretty lit, so check it out up top.


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