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It’s been five years since Michelle Obama launched her Let’s Move! campaign, and it has definitely seen a ton of success since.

In celebration of the big anniversary, Beyoncé decided to kill two birds with one stone, as she posted a video to her Instagram of her working out in honor of the campaign’s milestone.

Showing off some of her workout sets to the famous song “Eye Of The Tiger,” Queen Bey was able to get her sweat on, while raising awareness to the ongoing movement.

Michelle even commented on the video, applauding Bey for her video spreading awareness, as was spotted by BallerAlert.

The Obama’s also took part in celebrating the anniversary in a new PSA video, where Michelle talks about the Let’s Move success, while the President enters the room looking confused.

Once the two go back and forth over figuring out what Michelle is filming, Obama then comments on the new #GimmeFive movement that Michelle is starting, which encourages people to find five new ways to be healthy in their everyday lives.

The Presidential couple is adorable in their banter, as usual, and the two send viewers off with the President doing a push up for his tie on the ground.

Watch both of the celebrations from Beyonce and The Obama’s above.


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