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If you could program your own personal robot, would you make him a mean tough super cool gangster to help you out on the ultimate heist?

Probably not, but it makes for a hilariously funny movie that I could watch all day long. Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver, and Sharlto Copley sat down with our very own BlogXilla to discuss their new film Chappie.

“It’s interesting,” Jackman said of on-screen stunts. “When I’m as Wolverine on those sets, the stunt guys who I’ve known forever, I just end up doing most of them. Probably because I’ve always done them. So I’m walking on the set and it’s interesting because they were like, we’ll get the stunt men to do this. They were treating me like an old man. When I saw some of the things that had to be done I was like fine, you can crash through the ceiling.”

We also sat down with Sharlto Copley, who explained to us how he created Chappie’s gangsta walk by sagging his leotard. Check it out above.

Chappie is in theaters everywhere Friday, March 6th.