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In the last month or so, Tyga‘s relationship with his Young Money labelmates, Drake and Nicki Minaj, has become a topic of discussion amongst the hip-hop community.

After revealing that he is not a fan of Drizzy during an interview with VIBE in October, and that he doesn’t exactly get along with Nicki, it was soon discovered that the tension with the female MC was over the beat for “Truffle Butter.”

Nicki recently called into Charlie Sloth’s show on BBC Radio 1Xtra, where she explained her side of the story, and how she really feels about the Fan Of A Fan rapper.

She told the host of the song:

“When a song is that successful without a video, I don’t really know if we need one,” she said. “It was just for the streets, for the love, and we weren’t really gonna shoot a video, to be honest.”

She then explained the situation that “Truffle Butter” had created with Tyga, after a version with his verse was leaked:

“We don’t know how, but it magically ended up in Tyga’s hands. I told him, I was like, ‘You know that’s my song.’”

“Low and behold, it leaked with him on it after I told him not to put it out and I thought that was a little bit disrespectful ’cause I had always shown him love,” she said. “I had always done stuff with him, took him on tour with me, and I thought it was disrespectful ’cause I am the queen of Young Money.”

Despite the public tension that he has expressed, Nicki admitted that he texted her to apologize:

“He said, ‘You always were there for me.’ And I respected him for saying that because one thing about me, I’m a very forgiving person,” she said. “But as long as you can come to your senses after the fact and remember who looks out for you and who was there and who supports you, then it’s all good. He’s entitled to make a mistake every now and then, and we handled it as such.”

“It’s all good, I ain’t mad at all.”

With all of the beef between Lil Wayne and Birdman, creating a battle between Young Money and Cash Money, we’re glad these two aren’t also going at it.

Listen to the full interview with Nicki below.