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A workout playlist is very important when getting your body right and tight, and apparently, Gwyneth Paltrow recruits the sounds of Beyoncé to do so.

Tracy Anderson, who is a trainer to the stars, recently revealed the actress’ preferred workout songs while they do their sessions together – which is any, and everything, Queen Bey.

The trainer told E! News:

“Anything Beyoncé!”

Apparently, Gwyneth loves Bey’s music so much, that she has turned down anything else that Tracy has tried out with her. She reveals:

“I played some house music for Gwyneth one Friday and she wasn’t feelin’ it and was like, ‘Let’s get some Beyoncé up in here!’ Music is such a big part of my workouts, you’ve really got to feel the music and get into it. If you don’t love the song you’re not going to work your hardest.”

“We’re seriously thinking of only playing Beyoncé on Fridays! Gwyneth was like ‘Yeah, love it! Beyoncé Fridays!'”

To sum it all up, Gwyneth has proved that she is exactly like most of us when we get our workout on.


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