Nick Gordon gave a tear-soaked interview to Dr Phil that, judging from the preview, didn’t go exactly as planned.

In the 30-second clip, you can see Nick crying hysterically while bursting out, “I miss Krissy and Whitney so much!”

The “I Will Always Love You” singer took Nick in as a young child and raised him as her own son alongside Bobbi Kristina. After Whitney Houston‘s death, Nick started dating Bobbi and the two were believed to be married, but we recently learned it was never official. Now, Nick is the focus of a criminal investigation into why Bobbi is currently in a coma in a Georgia area hospital.

Nick has been banned from seeing Bobbi while she stays in a medically induced coma, and it would appear Nick is blaming Bobbi’s dad, telling Dr. Phil: “I hate Bobby Brown!”

The interview turned into an intervention, because apparently Nick was drunk and high during the chat. When Dr. Phil tells him to go to rehab, Nick says no, no, no, before storming out.

The interview airs on CBS on March 11th. Since the taping, we hear that Nick is currently in rehab and trying to get clean. People Magazine reports:

“Nick did go to rehab,” says a source close to the Brown family. “He is very distraught over what is going on. He really wants to see her. He is upset about a lot of things: her being sick, him never getting respect (from her family.)”

Do you think Nick should be allowed to see Bobbi Kristina if he gets clean?


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