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Jimmy Kimmel has been taking over the internet and social media with his new popular series Mean Tweets, which includes celebrities, athletes, and public figures reading negative comments made by them on Twitter by random users.

While he’s already gotten President Obama to read mean tweets towards him, much to the surprise of many, he’s not ready to take things to the next level.

While speaking with E! News this week, the talk show host revealed that he plans on trying to get Kanye West to read mean tweets at some point.

He told the outlet, as he is running his show down in Austin, Texas for SXSW this wek:

“I wonder if we’ve ever asked him. We’ll definitely ask him. Maybe we’ll run it by Kim first. She seems more relaxed with that sort of thing.”

We’ll have to see what happens, and if Kanye is down to face some criticism on-camera.

Meanwhile, the rapper has been using his own Twitter to spread some positivity, as he was one of many who listened to Kendrick Lamar‘s album today, To Pimp A Butterfly, which surprisingly became available on iTunes.

He tweeted:

A co-sign from Yeezy goes a long way, so this can only add to the big buzz that K. Dot has been garnering. Have you guys heard the album?


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