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Mekhi Phifer is enjoying a career most actors should envy, and with success in TV and film alike, he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

We sat down with the actor and his Insurgent co-star Octavia Spencer to talk about the new sure-to-be blockbuster film, which is the second installment in the insanely popular Divergent Series.

Mekhi dished on his rise in the industry, revealing:

“Being on the set of [Spike Lee’s] Clockers got my juices flowing. Who could fathom that 20 years later you’d have a career?”

When asked about working with Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer, he added:

“Octavia’s a wonderful person, and obviously a very celebrated actress. Octavia and I had worked together before…but we didn’t really get to act in the film together. So this was nice. It was almost like a homecoming.”

Mekhi also admitted that he still gets flack for wearing the infamous dreadlock wig from 8 Mile. Check out the full interview above.

Insurgent is in theaters everywhere this Friday.

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