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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win a Golden Globe?

At some point, we’ve all imagined ourselves accepting an award in front of millions of people and superstars. Who would we thank? What would we be wearing? Unfortunately, the majority of us will never know how it truly feels to accept an award like this. For that, we have people such as Gina Rodriguez to help us imagine just what the experience is like.

In Glamour magazine’s April issue, the 30-year-old actress opened up about being just the third Latina to win a top actress prize at the Globes.

“White noise. As I lifted my head, I thought: Oh my God, you work so hard. You pray; you dream; you fail; you try again; and here it is! And holy cow, is that Oprah?”

Also in the issue, Rodriguez discussed passing on several roles because she was only interested in accepting one that would break down the barriers facing Latinas and women. Then The CW’s Jane The Virgin came along.

“I wanted a new story that was going to open up how people view Latinas and women, so I’ve passed on certain roles, which is terrifying when you don’t have money! Like Jane, and like the majority of the country, I grew up influenced by two cultures. We didn’t sit around and discuss it; it just was.”

But before she was an award-winning actress and sitcom star, Rodriguez dealt with the same issues as us all. For example, awkward first dates.

“I had a terrible date with this super-socialite guy when I first moved to L.A.—he was so pompous. I took out my money, put it on the table, and said, ‘I’m not having a good time, so I’m going to pay for this and leave.’ I walked out thinking, Look at you, badass! Now I’m in a great relationship [with actor Henri Esteve] that is far from dramatic. Our first date was the day before the Jane audition. We talked for four hours. He was my good-luck charm.”

Finally, we’re left with some words of wisdom that only a mother could give:

“My mom is a pillar of wisdom and advice. She almost never wore makeup, and she encouraged natural beauty. When I was in college, she would say, “‘Don’t cover your face—you want the guy to see the same person in the morning.’”

For more of Gina in Glamour, click here.


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