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T.Iis back on his Hollywood flow and he’s one of the stars in the new movie Get Hard starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell. We sat down with T.I. to discuss his role in the film and some of the backlash it’s getting over the many racial jokes.

The “All About The Money” rapper told us:

“Nobody is going to break a stereotype. They come from a lack of information due to a lack of experience and a lack of diversity. And there will always be people in certain areas that have no idea about what people in other areas live like and as long as that exists, there will be stereotypes.

The thing about stereotypes is that some of this stuff really happens, so what people does becomes a stereotype and not a depiction of the truth.”

Tip goes on to say that a whole bunch of people were rubbed the wrong way by Get Hard, but remember…it’s just a comedy.

He also tells us why he brought back ATL 2:

“Just me being bombarded with requests, and everyone not being able to let go of what happened with Rashad, New New, and Esquire. The fact that the entire cast are still cool to this day. It’s a sequel to where everybody is coming back, there isn’t any hold outs, or anyone saying no, I’m not doing this, regardless of how much success they assumed afterwards… everybody is coming back. That to me is the sign of a sequel.”

Get Hard is in theaters this Friday, March 27th.

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