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Action Bronson is all about the fans who have been there since day one, and he makes sure to repay them in one of the most unusual ways possible.

The “Mr. Wonderful” rapper performed at the release concert for his album at Terminal 5 last night in NYC, and made sure fans went home with a good time, and with some awesome gifts.

According to concert-goers, fans in the crowd were tossed brand new flat screen televisions, iPads, and sandwiches – all thrown by Action himself.

By the end of the night, the crowd had to fight over a total of 2 flat screen televisions, 4 iPads, a Playstation 4 system, and 30 of Action’s signature sandwiches.

The best part of the sandwich-throwing had to be when the Queens native rapped along to Diddy’s “I Need A Girl Part 2” while getting the job done.

This is sure to set a new trend. Bravo, Action.


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