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I just got back from Mexico City. I know what you’re thinking, what was BlogXilla doing in the DF…I hope he didn’t drink the water. Well, I was getting as much information as I possibly could about the new James Bond flick, Spectre.

There’s been much speculation that Idris Elba was in talks to be the next James Bond, but I’ve exclusively learned that, unfortunately, it’s not going to happen. At least not for the next two films, because Daniel Craig is tied in for this Bond and one more.

The onsite publicist explained of the Idris rumors:

“That’s nothing official, it’s just gossip. It seems like the audience likes the idea of it.” She also revealed that Daniel has one more Bond in his contract after this one.

I also spoke to Spectre producer Barbara Broccoli, and even though she liked the idea of Idris playing Bond, she didn’t want to think about it yet.

She revealed, “I always say, it’s like asking a woman who is going up the aisle on her wedding day who her next husband is going to be. Daniel Craig is Bond and I don’t want to think about what happens when he goes.

But I’m a huge fan of Idris, we all are. He’s a great actor, he can do anything. So ask me when we’re looking for a new Bond, which will hopefully not be for a long time.”

Daniel Craig has an open-ended contract with them as far as Barbara is concerned. And in Spectre, Daniel gets to do the damn thing.

Here he is dressed up as a member of the Dia de los Muertos parade in Mexico City. He’ll be dressed in the skeleton tuxedo, top hat, and skull mask in the film.

The movie starts off with Bond and Estrella, played by Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman, walking amidst the Day of the Dead parade. Weaving their way through the parade made up of 1,500 extras, they then make their way into the luxurious Gran Hotel back to Estrella’s room. Owww.

Estrella is trying to get some of Bond’s special agent love, but he has other plans.

He’s looking out the window and sees two bad guys having a conversation. That’s when Bond goes into action, jumps out the window, and kills one of the guys. Bond goes on a chase to capture the other one, which causes one of the buildings in the square to explode.

They slowly make their way through the parade as one of the villains calls for back-up. Then shortly later, a helicopter shows up and it all goes down.

Chuck Aaron, a world-renowned stunt pilot who is sponsored by Red Bull, does stellar stunts while Bond fights the bad guys in the chopper. Talk about action-packed.

Spectre is shaping up to be a great film, and we are beyond excited to see how it turns out. If you haven’t caught the trailer yet, you can see it below.

While most of the film’s big scenes are done, production still has some shooting to complete in London, and one more big scene they will be filming in Morocco later this year.

Spectre will hit theaters on November 6th.

PHOTO CREDIT: Sony, Instagram

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