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The season finale of The Walking Dead was off the chain, possibly the best finale of the series so far. Rick had a great conversation with Michonne; the group is not on the same page, and things need to get right. Go inside the season finale of The Walking Dead by watching the video here.

Now that The Walking Dead is over, it’s time to Fear The Walking Dead. That’s the name of the spinoff show in the same world, in a time when the outbreak has just begun. This opening season will take place in Los Angeles and from the trailer, we can only assume there will be a lot of carnage.

Hugh Jackman’s run as Wolverine is coming to a close. The X-Men star is calling it quits, saying he’ll play the character just one more time before hanging up his metal claws. He wrote on Instagram: “Wolverine… ONE LAST TIME.” Some people think it means there will be one more Wolverine stand-alone movie. Stay tuned.

Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell didn’t win at the box office, but they did pretty damn well. The comedic duo pulled in $34.6 million dollars for their film Get Hard, finishing second behind Rihanna’s Home, which made $54 million at the box office. Congratulations.

SOURCE: AMC, Daily Pakistan | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty