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Vanessa Hudgens at the 'Gigi' Broadway Press Preview

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It’s been years since stans of the High School Musical franchise have gotten to experience the on-screen chemistry between Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, but it feels like yesterday they just broke up.

The former Hollywood “it” couple split years back, and have moved on to new happy relationships, but Vanessa gave some perspective of what it was like to date one of the hottest teen stars back then.

In an interview with the NY Times, the Spring Breakers actress revealed:

“I went through a phase when I was really mean because I was so fed up. Girls were running after him, and I was giving them death stares. Then I realized that’s not what that’s about. ‘Spread the love, be a good person, they support you, be nice.’”

When talking about her personality now, and how she stays peaceful, Vanessa claims that she is a hippie:

“I’m a definite hippie. I’m literally my happiest self when I’m dancing half naked on a grass field listening to Led Zeppelin.”

Vanessa also opened up about her views on feminism, which she “used to be on the fence about,” but now, things have changed, with some thanks to Beyoncé. She explains:

“I feel like there’s this new wave of feminists coming up that are truly about equal rights for women. I mean, Beyoncé is, like, killing the game, and I love her.”

It can’t always be sunny days in relationships, especially when you’re a couple in Hollywood.


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