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If you’re familiar at all with Niykee Heaton, you know this girl generally wears next to nothing. And even if the All Def Digital-signed songstress (shout out to Russell!) is wearing some fabric, it’s generally skin-tight, stretchy, or see-through. And hell, that’s the way we like it. Her body is what hashtag-goals are made of, but her intriguing brand of pop-laced guitar-laden music layered under her smoky yet surprisingly strong voice is what she’s really here for.

The 20-year-old Chicago-bred Niykee graced Complex mag with her presence for an insanely racy photoshoot and accompanying risqué interview (this is the same issue with Zoe Kravitz on the cover, whew) and she spoke about dating, dick pics, and douchebags, as well as what’s next for her musically.

We talked to Niykee last year and she told us about guys like Chief Keef – who coincidentally helped get her big break after her cover of “Love Sosa” went viral – and other dudes sliding in her DMs…and apparently the game-kicking has only gotten worse. Check out some excerpts from her Complex chat below.

On thirsty guys: 

It still blows my mind. My whole life, I’ve been the ugly duckling. I started posting photos because I was becoming more confident in who I was.

On what she’s looking for in a man: 

I need someone who’s on my level. Someone who knows their shit, isn’t playing games, or talking to hos in their DMs. I just don’t have time. None of these men are measuring up.

On Tinder:

I made a Tinder just for fun. I was on it for maybe 40 seconds before I said, “This is just awful.” If I have to stoop to that level to find my soul mate, then I’ll just get a bunch of cats.

On her and her manager/BFF getting dick pics:

We get them all the time. I used to open all of them, then I realized that it maybe wasn’t the best idea. Now there’s always dicks in our DMs. I’ve never seen an impressive-enough dick pic [to the point] where I actually decided to pursue it. Either I’m disgusted, or I feel really bad for them.

Niykee’s debut EP Bad Intentions is out now, but she’s also been in the studio working on soon-to-come new material (check out her Snapchat for proof). Then head over to Complex for more. Plus, if that’s not enough, scroll through our gallery of Niykee’s most shameless thirst traps below.

SOURCE: Complex | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

Niykee Heaton’s Most Shameless Instagram Thirst Traps
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