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Kim Kardashian‘s first pregnancy was a nightmare, but she stuck it out and was blessed with Kanye‘s mini-me North West, one of the most beautiful little girls we’ve ever laid eyes on.

It’s no wonder her and the hip-hop mogul are trying for another – who wouldn’t want another little Nori?

Unfortunately for the entrepreneur and Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality TV star, having a big family is nearing impossible. Even the possibility of having a second will require multiple surgeries.

In two new clips from the family’s show, Kim K. reveals just how difficult the process will be. Kim said of her infertility:

“I spoke to Kanye about what our next plan should be and there’s one more procedure that I can do that would potentially make it easier for me to get pregnant. Hopefully, this is something that the doctor can fix and we can just move on from this kind of complicated chapter.”

In the second clip, Kim receives shocking news after visiting the fertility doctor.

“They need me to go into surgery to kind of clear out something in my uterus.”

She then goes on to explain that her placenta grew onto her uterus, so even if she is able to have a second child, it would have to be her last one and her uterus would then have to be removed completely.

Kim’s little sister Khloe also dealt with fertility issues while trying to have a child with ex-husband Lamar Odom. Meanwhile, their older sister Kourtney just gave birth to her third.

Watch the clips above.

SOURCE: RadarOnline | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash News 

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