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All hail the Carters.

April 4th will one day go down in history as the date one of music’s biggest mergers took place–we are talking about Beyonce and Jay Z‘s wedding, of course.

Bey and Jay were first rumored to be dating back in 2002, when they were spotted at basketball games and started making cameos in each other’s videos. Because the status of their relationship has always been air-tight, no one knows the exact number of years they’ve been together; both always avoided answering the question. However, we can safely say the two musicians have been tight for over a decade–a feat most entertainment couples cannot achieve.

With breakup rumors, a miscarriage, a public family dispute, and finally a child under their belt, the Carters have made it through it all. Following sold out concerts, history-making albums, and Tidal feats in the music industry, the couple showed that true love can literally conquer the world.

In commemoration of the first couple of music’s seventh wedding anniversary, here is a compilation of all the songs in which they referred to each other.

’03 Bonnie & Clyde

It all started when Beyonce was featured in this one video, where Jay called the young Bey his “thoroughest girl,” his “soldier,” and his “rider.”

Crazy In Love

Young Hov reciprocated the gesture and made an appearance in Crazy in Love,” where BB admitted that if Jay “ain’t there, ain’t nobody else there to impress.”


On the same album, Beyonce also admitted to being in love with a Sagittarius who put her through a whirlwind of emotions.

That’s How You Like It

The budding lovebirds collaborated on yet another track where they did nothing but shower each other with compliments–with Beyonce saying:

I like the way you walk

The way you talk

The way you dress

The way you smile

I like the way you are

The way you ain’t

I like your honesty, integrity,

It levels me, so please don’t ever change.

And Jay Z responding:

Well, baby girl, put ya foot down

Don’t let‘em push you around, you know what you like

Baby thug, you know wrong from right

You done felt wrong before

This can’t be what it feel like

PSA (Public Service Announcement)

We just cannot forget that time Jay said he had “the hottest chick in the game wearing [his] chain.” Iconic.

All Around The World

Jay revealed that his ideal world would have a pool with “100 Beyonces.”


Without getting into specifics, Beyonce coyly sang:

We like dem boys up top from the BK

Know how to flip that money three ways

Always ridin’ big on the freeway

(Wit that east coast slang that us country girls we like)

Low cut caesars wit the deep waves

So quick to snatch up your Beyonce

No one else fits this description better than Jay.

Lost One

Rumor has it that Jay is referring to his and Beyonce’s brief breakup in the second verse. We won’t ever know the truth.

 Deja Vu

It all worked out and the couple remained solid, with the Queen Bey admitting to having withdrawals when she’s away from her bae.

Empire State of Mind

Though this hit was all about being from the concrete jungle, Jay Z couldn’t help but throw wifey’s name out there spitting, “Cruisin’ down 8th St., off-white Lexus/Drivin’ so slow, but BK is from Texas.”


On her third solo album and first as Mrs. Carter, Beyonce thought we should all know that her man got a big ego.


This love ballad was all about being hopelessly in love.

New Day

In this heartfelt song featuring Kanye West, Jay speaks to his unborn son and promises to stick by his side, despite the difficulties that come with being married.


Nothing says my chick bad better than bragging about her net worth. Jay reportedly dissed Lil Wayne with the lyrics:

I’m like really half a billi nigga

Really you got baby money

Keep it real with niggas

niggas ain’t got my lady money


Bey might as well have called this song, “I love me some Jay Z.”


Proving to truly be Hov’s Bonnie, Beyonce lays it all out for her man in this song.


Not only did he refer to Blue Blue, he also took the Destiny’s Child reference and ran with it.

Beach Is Better

Jay pretty much let us know that no one should be late unless they’re coming out looking like his superstar wife.

Picasso Baby

The time Jay compared his wife to a timeless work of art.


Mr. Carter also gave his ride or die a shout-out when he was featured on this track.

Drunk In Love

On her fifth album, Bey collaborated with Jay Z once again and gave us a glimpse of their romantic night out.


She also revealed some interesting information about what happens when they’re in the back of the limo.

Happy Anniversary to the Carters.


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