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Amina Buddafly is fresh off a sad Love & Hip-Hop reunion show, with things between her and husband Peter Gunz still up in the air. The singer/reality star stopped by the No Judgment Zone to get her life fixed.

Amina and Peter are on a break, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hook up. She admitted their arrangement might not be beneficial in trying to get him to change his philandering ways, but she does have plans on cutting off sex completely.

“I’m working on letting that go and I know people say you can’t get over someone when he’s right there and you still live together, and they’re probably right,” she said. “I’m figuring out for myself how I’m going to do that. I’m not somebody that’s going to kick someone out; I don’t want anything to be nasty between him and I ever. I want to have a good relationship with him, but I know that I can’t keep continuing to be his wife the way I have been.”

While things are rocky between Peter and Amina, she has nothing but great things to say – despite his playboy ways.

“He is the best dad I could wish for my daughter,” she admitted.

Watch Amina and her little girl Cori chat with Blogxilla in the No Judgment Zone up above.