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Last week, Rihanna found herself battling against allegations of plagiarism regarding her new single “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

A Houston artist named Just Brittany claimed the Roc Nation pop star copied her 2014 song “Betta Have My Money.” The two songs are similar in concept, melody, and cadence, but the 20-year-old responsible for penning the song says she didn’t plagiarize.

German singer/songwriter Bibi Bourelly released a statement to VIBE addressing the plagiarism allegations that are now tarnishing her image.

In a brief email statement, Bibi responded to the claims, maintaining the song was written with integrity.

“It’s like you dedicate [your] entire life to something, you know? You fight for something and actually put the work in, and sacrifice time, like your parents told you to do in order to be ‘successful,’ just so when you finally reach a victory and it’s time to celebrate, some obstacle is there to pull you back down again. But that’s life, I guess.”

When asked about the noticeable similarities, Bibi stated:

“BBHMM” in hip-hop, which has been around even “before my time.”

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