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Christina Milian is doing the most. She has a new relationship with Lil Wayne, she’s gearing up for season two of her reality show Turned Up, releasing new music, acting with Uncle Jessie, and she just launched a clothing line called We Are Pop Culture at Shiekh Shoe Stores in Los Angeles.

That’s where we caught up with the multi-talented star to ask her a few questions. Christina is great friends with Karrueche, who was also at the event and dealing with a few things of her own, including the fact that Chris Brown had a baby by a woman both Christina and Karrueche had hung out with in the past.

We asked Christina about what she said to Karrueche after her breakup with Chris, finishing her first season of reality TV, her new music, and this popping new clothing line. Check out the interview below.

GlobalGrind: What was it like finishing your first season of reality TV?

Christina: It was scary going into it. I feel like the show gave people a better outlook on where I am in my life and what type of person I am. People had a vague idea, but this was my chance to show people the homie side, the friend side, the mother side, and all these different aspects that make me the person that I am. I also thought it was a great opportunity for my family to finally step out and come into the spotlight and do their thing too.

Tell us about how the We Are Pop Culture Clothing line came about.

I must say that my partner, his name is My-Kel, he definitely saw it through. I was like, ‘OK man, I see you.’ All the ideas that we talked about, he came back with. Then from that point on, it’s just been a hands-on situation. I love designing and I love making stuff that I love to wear. I feel like my fans are very active in my life and I pay attention to what they like, so it’s great creating a line for women of all ages so they can express themselves through my clothing line.

The clothing line uses a lot of pop culture references like #TrapQueen and #WCW. What type of crazy stuff do you see when you’re named #WCW.

I recently had a boy ask me to go to the prom with him, I thought that was pretty cute, but I was like, ‘I’m a little too grown.’ He was like, ‘I don’t think you’re that grown.’ I was like, ‘You’re kind of right, thank you.’ I’m probably not going to the prom with him.

You’re friends with Karrueche; what type of advice did you give her when she broke up Chris Brown? 

My advice to Karrueche was to move on, enjoy yourself, it’s summertime. At the end of the day, if it doesn’t make you happy then, you know… Tomorrow is not promised. So I think that’s probably the best advice I could give her. She knows what she wants to do for herself. I think that’s important, to be rooted in what you know and have your own information and deal with it how you need to.

If you could go back and change anything in your career, would you?

I wouldn’t change anything. I’m here today because of my struggles, because of my triumphs, everything, you know. There are moments when you’re sitting there, stalled, waiting for things to happen from other people that you’re like, I should change this. Then eventually I opened my eyes and said I’m going to change it and I’m going to make these things happen for myself. It took all of that to actually learn and become outspoken and to know what I want.

For more We Are Pop Culture Clothing, check out their website.

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Christina Milian Launches Her New Clothing Line In L.A.
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