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gunshots fired near u.s. capitol building

Source: Drew Angerer / Getty

According to reports, a suicide was committed near the U.S. Capitol building’s West Front on Saturday, causing authorities to lock down the area. After shots rang off, several witnesses came forward saying a man shot and killed himself on the U.S. Capitol building’s steps. See one photo from the incident above. [Gawker

SeaWorld is facing yet another lawsuit, after allegedly “misleading” visitors with its claims that the whales who live there are “healthy and happy.” Reports say, “the lawsuit claims, the orcas are drugged and kept in shallow holding pools exposed to the sun where they are sunburned and then painted with black zinc oxide to diguise the injuries.” Read more here. [BusinessInsider]

Firefighters spent hours trying to get a 700-pound man to a hospital on Friday, and all via a rope-and-pulley system. The man was having trouble breathing when help arrived and successfully got him from his sixth floor NYC apartment, and into an ambulance. [HuffingtonPost]


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