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You just got served.

Upon their return from a magical international vacation, the West family made their way through a chaotic scene at the airport. Cradling daughter North, Kanye West ran through LAX in an attempt to dodge screaming fans and flashing cameras. But he couldn’t dodge the legal papers he was served.

As ‘Ye entered a waiting SUV, a process-server threw the papers onto the back seat of the car. The nature of the lawsuit has not been disclosed, but before pulling away, the papers were thrown out the window of the car. Check out the video below.

Clearly, Kanye remains unbothered and he has every reason. In addition to covering TIME Magazine’s TIME 100 issue, wife Kim Kardashian made the list of the most influential as well. Also, 500 limited edition copies of her selfie book Selfish were released on for $60 each. They sold out in less than a minute. The reality star took to Twitter to thank fans for their support:

Blessings on blessings on blessings, and apparently no time for legal papers.

SOURCE: Gossip Cop, Twitter | PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: Splash, TMZ

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