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Have you ever seen an R&B singer that’s this damn cute?

Last year, Oakland singer/songwriter Kehlani stole our hearts with her debut mixtape Cloud 19, and she continues to wrap us up with her soulful You Should Be Here cuts like “Alive,” “Down For You” featuring BJ The Chicago, and the sensually candid “How That Taste.”

Her music’s sincere, unguarded, and unequivocally honest, but it’s her unbridled ambition that’s setting her apart from her rising R&B peers. And to point out the obvious, Kehlani’s beautiful – inside and out. But don’t be fooled by her tatted up appearance, the insanely poised singer’s basically as sweet as pie.

Today’s Kehlani’s 20th birthday, so we decided to celebrate the “Jealous” singer with a gallery that’ll make you an instant fan.

While you’re soaking up Lani’s swag, we’re pleased to inform you that she’s gearing up to release her forthcoming mixtape You Should Be Here on April 28.

To pre-order You Should Be Here, click here. 


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