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Hulu is playing for keeps.

The streaming service put their money where their movies and TV shows are, as it has officially acquired the rights to Seinfeld. Exciting, right?

Now for the shocking part – the company paid approximately $700,000 for each episode.

THR reports:

There was a massive bidding war over the show between Amazon, Hulu and Yahoo, with Netflix passing on the comedy produced by Sony Pictures Television.

The Seinfeld library is a major get for Hulu and comes after Netflix nabbing Friends from Warner Bros. Television. The deal also follows FXX’s record-setting off-network acquisition of The Simpsons in 2013. The deal also included subscription video on demand rights to the series, which FX used to launch its digital platform, FXNOW.

It was definitely worth the hassle.

If you’re thinking about watching the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight for free, think again.

Showtime and HBO are suing online streaming services that plan on airing the fight free of charge, and with good reason, as they invested tens of millions of dollars into exclusive coverage for the big night.

THR reports:

On Tuesday, the pay networks threw their punches in California federal court against “John Doe 1 d/b/a,” “John Doe 2 d/b/a” and seven other anonymous defendants.

After investing tens of millions of dollars in the highly anticipated fight that will be available to consumers on Saturday for $89-100, Showtime and HBO are attacking a couple of website who are said to be advertising “an unauthorized live Internet stream of the Coverage in California and elsewhere.”

The plaintiffs want damages, a restraining order against the John Does, and an order to stop other service providers from enabling the John Does.

Read more here.

It’s Hump Wednesday, so here’s a little laugh to get you through the rest of the week.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s Jeremy Renner hit up The Tonight Show and showcased his vocal abilities for the entire audience, singing his own comedic version of Ed Sheeran‘s “Thinking Out Loud.”

Check out the parody above.

We thought the twerking craze had officially died down, but not so much.

Ex-NFL star Phillip Buchanon just created a board game centered around the booty-shaking dance, and it’s called “Twerkin-It.” Fitting.

TMZ reports:

Buchanon invented a booty shaking based game called “Twerkin-It” where the winner is totally determined by who can shake dat ass the best.

“I did it in two nights, I saw everyone was twerking so I thought, ‘What if there was a game that people could play to keep the party going?'”

How does one play a game based on a dance? Phillip says you combine the dance itself with the one thing that makes people do it … alcohol.

Players spin to determine which twerk move they must perform (there are many, consult YouTube), with the bad twerker having to swallow their pride and take a shot of liquor.

Well, then. Read all about it here.


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