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Michelle Obama visited The Late Show with David Letterman for the last time yesterday, and as usual, she brought the laughs.

FLOTUS looked as regal as always in a royal blue number and her signature side swoop. The subject matter quickly turned to first daughters Malia and Sasha Obama, who have grown up right in front of our eyes. Mrs. Obama spoke about Malia’s driving, how Mr. President is handling the boy issue, and the girls’ summer plans. Since one cannot simply speak about teenage girls without speaking about the change in attitude, Mrs. O also revealed a very interesting nickname the fam gave to one of her daughters.

On Malia’s driving:

“She’s out on the road. When kids get their licenses they’re ready to do anything, so she came and said ‘Ma, do you [have] any errands?’ and a bunch of people gave her [lists] and she went out and even parked in the lot. She’s got a curfew, she can’t just roll round. If there’s a party and we know what time it will be over, we’ll make sure she’ll be back right after the party.”

On dating:

“There are always boys at the party. But that’s okay. Barack is handling that okay. He’s doing well.”

On dealing with teenage mood swings:

“We have one of each; I’m not going to say which one is which. We have one who generally stays [cool] and then we have one we call our grumpy cat. She’s our salty biscuit. You just never know what you’re going to get from that one. I’m not saying [who it is]. They could be watching, but they know who they are.”

With her days in the White House coming to an end after 8-years and with Dave’s retirement also looming, the First Lady discussed post-White House plans.

She told the comedian:

“I think we should hang out together. We could do things. I would help you raise your children. I can help you through the dark times. You seem so challenged. It’s a scary thing for you. I can walk you through it. I can take you through that road, that grumpy cat road.”

When it comes to raising children, we can surely trust the woman who served as the First Lady of a nation and started initiatives while raising her own gorgeous daughters.

Watch the hilarious clips above.


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